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Didsbury CE School

Didsbury CE School

Staff at Didsbury CE


Headteacher - Miss Rippon

Deputy Head – Mrs Chamberlain

Nursery :    Mrs Thompson, Miss Fuller and Miss Haigh – Class Teacher

                    Mrs Leatherbarrow – Teaching Assistant              

Reception:  Mrs Lugsden and Miss Fuller – Class Teacher

                     Mrs Pugsley - Teaching Assistant

Year 1:        Mrs Morgan – Class Teacher  

                    Miss Jones – Teaching Assistant

Year 2:        Miss James - Class Teacher

                    Miss Bateman – Teaching Assistant

Year 3:       Mrs Gandee and Mrs Royden – Class Teacher  

                   Mrs Miller – Teaching Assistant

Year 4:      Mr Copestake - Class Teachers

                  Mrs Miller – Teaching Assistant            

Year 5 :     Miss Tustain – Class teacher

                  Miss Pitts – Teaching Assistant

Year 6 :    Mrs Whittaker – Class Teacher                

                 Miss Pitts – Teaching Assistant


SENCo  - Ms Smith 3 days (Monday - Wednesday)

Learning support assistants providing additional support for individual children: Mrs Baker, Miss Jones, Mr Sharman, Ms Bateman, Miss Phoenix, Mrs Gray

Admin Officers – Mrs Brown

Caretaker – Available position

Senior lunchtime organiser – Mrs Bradbury

Lunchtime organisers – Ms Green, Mrs Blanco, Mrs Sutcliffe, Miss Hughes, Mrs Baker, Ms Halpin, Mrs O'Neil, Ms Law, Ms Begum, Ms Rehman

Didsbury CE Kids Club

Kids Club Manager - Mrs Burns

Deputy Kids Club Manager - Mrs Nester

Kids Club Staff - Mrs Baker, Mrs Heyes, Mrs Gray, Ms Halpin, Ms Munro, Ms Salemi