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Didsbury CE School

Didsbury CE School


The mathematics curriculum at Didsbury CE Primary School

Intent – why we teach what we teach

At Didsbury CE provide a mathematics curriculum that enables children to engage in a pragmatic and creative way, fostering an enjoyment and curiosity of number and mathematical concepts.  We understand that fluency underpins reasoning and problem solving and our curriculum and whole school approach reflects this.

During a pupils’ time at Didsbury CE, we provide a maths curriculum that is ambitious, challenging, stimulating and aspirational to all abilities of children.  We ensure that all learners develop:

  • Fluency
  • Reasoning
  • Problem Solving

We aim to provide children with a range of mathematical challenges and provide them with the opportunity to:

  • Explore and manipulate different resources in lessons.
  • Apply their mathematical and problem-solving skills practically, to enable them to become competent and assertive mathematicians in ‘every day’ situations.
  • Become confident numerate children who can apply their skills in other subjects.
  • Develop a financial understanding and the value of money.
  • Have instant recall of important number facts.
  • Foster an enjoyment of mathematics, number and problem solving.

Implementation – how we teach what we teach

At Didsbury CE mathematics is taught daily.  In our EYFS curriculum, mathematics is covered in the ‘Mathematics’ Area of Learning.  Mathematics is taught as an interconnected subject throughout the school where children are given the opportunity to apply their mathematical knowledge to other subjects.  Lessons are planned with a mastery approach- providing opportunities for pupils to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  We have translated the aims of the National Curriculum to ensure we have a curriculum that is both comprehensive and supportive.  We teach in a sequence that builds upon children’s prior learning and understanding while allowing for the flexibility to address misconceptions and provide challenge.  The programme of study is arranged in a spiral to enable children to develop and deepen their mathematical knowledge. 

Impact – how we measure what we teach

The impact of this mathematics curriculum is that children will be mathematically competent, preparing them for the practicalities of a mathematics in everyday life and mathematics learning in KS3 and beyond. The children’s learning in mathematics is assessed informally within each lesson which provides children with feedback in line with our school marking policy and enables teachers to plan subsequent lessons to suit the needs of their class and individual children.  These judgements inform planning, deployment of adult support, use of resources and challenge to those children working at a greater depth. 

Half termly assessment tests- based on our curriculum intent- are used to gauge an understanding of each child’s ability to apply their learning independently.  This is fed into the current assessment framework used by Didsbury CE to enable analysis and scrutiny and reported on formally to parents at the end of each academic year, as well as during parent meetings throughout the year.  Our rigorous assessment enables us to identify those children who would benefit from intervention opportunities and areas that need to be addressed.  The progress of each child will be tracked throughout their time at Didsbury CE Primary.


Useful Websites and Apps

The following are a selection of useful websites and apps that provide opportunities for children to practise and apply mathematical learning. Please encourage your children to use these at home as they will help reinforce their learning from school in a fun and enjoyable way!

Websites . . . - brilliant for practising calculation methods and includes step by step guidance for successful completion!

BBC Schools - A range of fun and interaction activities from Early Years to Key Stage 2 (this includes a link to the 'Bitesize' website)

ICT Games - A selection of fun games more suited to Early Years and Key Stage 1

Times Table Rockstars - A fun website for children to practise their recall of number facts

MyMaths - Contains hundreds of lessons, games and homework tasks all linked to the National Curriculum

Apps . . .

Targetting Maths - Apps providing activities covering the full range of both year groups and Big Ideas

Maths Splat! - Fun Maths app for fluent and accurate recall of number facts in all four operations 

King of Maths - Fun app for developing fluency across the Big Ideas which challenges players to move from peasants to Kings.