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Didsbury CE School

Didsbury CE School

Local Governing Body

This school has eleven governors who act  on behalf of Didsbury CE for the St James & Emmanuel Academy Trust. Please see the page on St James & Emmanuel Academy Trust for more information on the organisation of the Trust and the other schools within it, West Didsbury CE Primary School and St Wilfrid's CE Primary School. 

The head of school is a governor because of his job. He attends the meetings and preparse reports for the governors.

Didsbury CE primary school is a church school with very strong links to the Parish of St James and Emmanuel in Didsbury. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of the church nominate six of our eleven governors, in order that the faith foundation of our school is firmly upheld. The PCC nominations have to be ratified and approved by the Members of the Trust, who have the controlling interest. For more information on the Members please see the St James and Emmanuel Trust page on this website.

This school has three parent governors. Two are elected by all the parents and the other is a PCC position. There are also two staff governors. One is the head of the school. One works as a teacher in Didsbury CE Primary School. All the people who work in the school vote for the person they want.

The executive headteacher is also a governor and attends the meetings in order to report back to the Trustees.

This school on occasions also has associate members in order to ensure succession planning is rigorous. All our Governors have enhanced DBS checks.

The governors are:

Paul Good - Chair MDBE; Helen Stallard - PCC (parent);  Abbie Jones - PCC; Joyce Thom ; Cat Arundale - PCC; Simon Ball - Head of School; Emma Hooson - elected member of staff; Matt Lee - PCC; Rev'd Nick Bundock - Co-opted; Matt Whitehead - Executive Head; Philip Robinson - elected parent and  Kate Catling - elected parent.

This governing body meets six times each year (once every half-term).

There are very strict rules, which the governing body must obey, by law. See below for a link to our Articles of Governance. 

You can also read the latest minutes of the St James & Emmanuel Academy Trust, Didsbury CE Governing Body, too. 

Please note that at every Governing Body meeting our Governors have to declare any pecuniary interests. Please note that none of our Governors have pecuniary interests in education related businesses and any interests have to be declared before every meeting commences.

All our Governors have enhanced DBS checks.

Our Chair of Governors, Mr Paul Good can be contacted by email on:

Covid-19 LGB

During the closure of the school due to Covid-19 the LGB of Didsbury CE did not meet.  Rather a 'core group' comprising of the Chairs and Heads of School of the four schools that make up the Trust plus the Executive Head of the Trust have met remotely.  This ensures that Heads of School are still held to account for their respective schools.  The minutes from these meetings are published below and are also distributed to LGB members.

LGB meetings resumed remotely on 24th June.

  1. DCE attendance at governor meetings 19-20
  2. Minutes Core group planning 13.07.20
  3. Minutes LGB REMOTE meeting 24.06.20
  4. Minutes Core group planning 07.07.20 (2)
  5. Minutes Core group planning 29.06.20
  6. Minutes Core group planning 15.06.20
  7. Minutes Core group planning 08.06.20
  8. Minutes Core group planning 18.05.20
  9. Minutes Core group planning 11.05.20
  10. Minutes Core group planning 21.04.20
  11. Minutes Core group planning 14.04.20
  12. Minutes Core Group Meeting 03.04.20
  13. Minutes DCE 19.11.19
  14. Pecuniary interest Didsbury
  15. Eligibility forms Didsbury
  16. Minutes LGB Meeting DCE 02.07.19
  17. Minutes DCE 08.10.19
  18. Minutes DCE LGB Meeting 21.05.19
  19. Minutes DCE LGB Meeting 19.03.19
  20. Minutes DCE LGB meeting 22.01.19
  21. Minutes DCE LGB meeting 20.11.18
  22. Minutes DCE LGB Meeting 25.09.18
  23. Didsbury CE Eligibility Forms Governors 18-19
  24. Didsbury Pecuniary Interest Forms Governors 18-19
  25. Minutes DCE LGB meeting 10.7.18
  26. Minutes DCE LGB Meeting15.05.18
  27. Minutes DCE LGB Meeting 20.03.18
  28. Minutes DCE LGB Meeting 23.01.18
  29. Minutes LGB Meeting DCE 21.11.17
  30. Pecuniary Interest and eligibility forms - DCE 17-18
  31. Minutes LGB Meeting DCE 14.09.17
  32. Minutes LGB Meeting DCE 11.07.17
  33. Didsbury CE Master Funding Agreement - Version 1
  34. Minutes LGB DCE 21.03.17
  35. Minutes LGB DCE 17.05.17
  36. Minutes LGB DCE 25.01.17
  37. Minutes DCE LGB 22.11.16
  38. Minutes DCE LGB 28.09.16
  39. Code of Conduct
  40. St James & Emmanuel Articles updated 2016
  41. Governor Attendance 2015-16 & declarations
  42. Minutes FGB SJE 09.12.15
  43. Minutes FGB SJE 07 10 15
  44. Minutes FGB SJE 23 03 16
  45. Governor terms of appointment and designation
  46. Minutes FGB SJE 07 10 15
  47. Minutes FGB SJE 09.12.15
  48. Governor Attendance 2014-15 (08.10.15)
  49. Minutes DCE FGB 18.3.15
  50. Minutes DCE FGB 24.06.15