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Didsbury CE School

Didsbury CE School


As a thriving school, there's plenty of information to take in about Didsbury CE Primary. We hope that you find the information you are looking for and if you cannot find it, please contact school on 0161 445 7144 to find out more. 

Times for the school day - we have now returned to most children using the same entrance and using the same timings at the start and the end of the school day.

Nursery children start the school day at 8:50am and end at 3pm.  They use the Elm Grove entrance.

Reception children start the school day at 8:40am and end at 3:05pm.  They use the Grange Road entrance.

Children in Years 1-6 use the Gilbrook Road entrance.  The gates open at 8:35am.  Children can arrive at any time between 8:35 and 8:45am.  They go straight through into their class ready to learn. The bell goes at 8:45am and children should be on the school premise by then.  The gates close at 8:50am

The class register is taken at 8:50am. Any child arriving after 8.55am and before the register closes at 9.15am will be classed as present but late.

The school register closes at 9.15am and children arriving after this will be entered on the register as unauthorised absence, unless there is a valid reason for the time of arrival. Any arrival after 9.15am will count as an absence for the morning session.

At the end of the school day, the gates on Gilbrook Road will be opened at 3.00pm for parental access. Children in Years 1 and 2 will be dismissed at 3:05pm when staff bring each class to the large playground for collection. Children in Years 3 to 6 will be dismissed at 3:10pm when staff bring each class to the large playground for collection. Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 may walk to and from school independently if we have written consent from parents. The gates will be closed at 3:20 pm.

The Head of School or Deputy Head will  oversee the start and end of the school day at the Gilbrook Road entrance.