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The History curriculum at Didsbury CE Primary School

Intention – why we teach what we teach.

 At Didsbury CE we provide a history curriculum that helps pupils gain a clear knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We believe that we should build on children’s natural curiosity to know about the past.  Our history curriculum enables our pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, analyse evidence and arguments and develop a view point and opinion. During their time at Didsbury CE we believe that history should be used to help pupils to understand the process of change and the concept of cause and effect. We aim for pupils to understand how their communities have changed and how they can be a positive, active member of their community. Consequently, the children will have the opportunity to become increasingly proficient and confident at:

  • knowing the history of this country and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world
  • knowing and understanding significant aspects of the history of the wider world
  • using historical terminology
  • understanding historical concepts
  • carry out historical inquiry
  • gaining historical perspective as they put their increasing knowledge into context

Implementation – how we teach what we teach

In our EYFS the history curriculum is covered within the Understanding of the World area of learning.  Children in the EYFS have the opportunity to look at old photos and pictures and dress up in period costume. In Key Stage 1 we study historically important people and key events that have had a national or even global impact. Our children also have the opportunity to study our history-rich locality of Didsbury.  Our history topics are often linked to geography and English topics to provide a developing context.

In Key Stage 2 rather than teach superficially across many history periods, history at Didsbury CE is taught in depth in fewer topics.  This gives children the opportunity to develop comprehensive knowledge and a wide range of concepts and skills of the periods they study. In Key Stage 2 our children also have the opportunity to study a theme through an extended period of time. These themes are: Leisure and Entertainment, Communication, Medicine and Disease and Crime and Punishment. They are able to draw comparisons and make connections between different time periods and their own lives. Each unit of work incorporates many cross curricular links with English, art and design and technology. 

Impact – how we measure what we teach

The impact of our history curriculum is that children will have a deep understanding of events that have shaped Britain and the wider world and will have developed analytical thinking and questioning skills which have prepared them thoroughly for the next phase of their education and beyond. The children’s learning journey in history is assessed each term using the current assessment framework with judgements by class teachers having been informed by the contributions made by children in class discussions and work recorded in their books. History is reported on formally to parents at the end of each academic year.  Progress of children is tracked throughout their time at Didsbury CE Primary.