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Didsbury CE School

Didsbury CE School




The Didsbury CE Primary Curriculum intent statement

Mission Statement (rooted in Mark 4: 30-32)

Our Christian school exists to provide a welcoming environment in which everyone is cherished and challenged to fulfil their potential.

At Didsbury CE our intent is to provide a rich, ambitious curriculum that engages and enthuses children now and equips them for the future.  We desire to live out our mission statement and welcome in children, care for and nurture them and yet also challenge them to be the very best that they can be. It is our intent to fulfil our mission statement by providing a curriculum that enables all of oiur children to succeed whatever barriers to learning they may face and whatever their starting point.

A curriculum for life for all whatever the background

We understand that the best education is life enhancing and may also be life changing.  Many of children are naturally ambitious.  For those who are not, our curriculum is designed to raise aspiration and ambition.  We will provide all pupils with role models of people who have had similar backgrounds to themselves.  The discussion, debate and social advocacy opportunities that thread through our curriculum equip our children, whatever their social background, with the soft skills that are vital to success in 21st century Britain. 

Curriculum design and progression

The school curriculum is carefully designed and sequenced so that critical building blocks are put in place and then systematically built upon.  We do not see learning as the accumulation of knowledge in separate silos rather we see subject areas as interrelated domains that build coherence, continuity and progression. Each subject is designed with curriculum end points at the end of each year that act as clear markers of progress and each subject has a viable sequence that builds on the previous year’s learning.

The local context

Didsbury CE has provided education for local children for over 400 years.  We have been in our current building, situated in the heart of Didsbury, since 1880 and we are proud of our local heritage. We are also proud to belong to Manchester and recognise that both Didsbury and Manchester offer a rich local learning environment. Our curriculum makes the most of the opportunities our locality offers.  We want our children to be proud of their roots and knowledgeable about their local village and their world class city which is home to leading academic, sporting and cultural institutions and the many role models who have called this place home.

A broad curriculum

At Didsbury CE we believe that the study of each subject has its own intrinsic value and also that each subject offers unique opportunities within the curriculum.  Consequently, we have always been committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that is not narrowed in end of key stage years.  We passionately believe that each curriculum subject builds upon, supports and complements, the skills and knowledge of English and maths.

An ambitious curriculum

Our curriculum is unapologetically ambitious as we believe that our children deserve nothing less.  We have high standards across the curriculum and we passionately believe that all children regardless of background can reach those high standards.   Pupil premium is used to ensure that all children have full access to the enriched curriculum.  For children with SEN, we are equally ambitious and the resources we use are adapted so that they have the opportunity to receive their full educational entitlement. So we are back to where we started: at Didsbury CE our intent is that all of our children will be welcomed, cherished and challenged to fulfil their potential.

Please access the subject pages below to find out more about the intent behind and the approach towards each area of our curriculum.